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The work on the reconstruction of the "Digital Aquarium" continues slowly.I like to thank my old college buddy Roy of itd- Design in Germany for all his help and support.I think that the site is starting to look good.

I noticed that one of my 9 Discus was passing Tapeworms in my Discus growout tank. He lost his appetite and was really skittish. I went to Jim Quarles DAAH Forum for help. There my internbet friend Al Sabetta "Brewmaster" was a great help fighting these these nasty worms. He recommended a treatment with Praziquantel and helped me to order it from his source, Barry Illmann .E-mail me for Barry's e-mail address if you like to order "Praz"i. I started to treat them with Praziquantel following the dosage Al gave me. The easiest way for the treatment of my fish was to ad the medication to my beefheart mix. I fed the fish every other day with it. To my surprise all the Discus in the tank started to pass Tapeworms the first day of treatment. I treated the fish for two days and one more treatment a week later. All the fish eat like pigs now and look much better.

Thanks again Brew. Juvenile Red Spotted Leopards and my Red Turquoise Discus

I mentioned earlier that my fish are eating me out of my house. I used to have a $60.00/month frozen food bill. I tinkered with the idea to make my own fish food after experimenting with different mixtures for a while (Salmon leftovers ,turkey heart).I finally decided to give Erik Leungs great Beefheart recipe a try:

The recipe will yield roughly 9 pounds of food.Cost around $30.00 for all fresh ingredients. It will last me about 6-8 month. I varied the recipe a little bit and added uneaten dryfoods that my fish wouldn't eat otherwise such as cyclop-eeze, plankton and Spirulina flakes, Tetra color bits and Spectrum discus formula.

The food has a very nice consistency and breaks down into smaller pieces for my smaller fish. My Discus start to like it, too.I ordered 4 pounds of beefheart from my butcher and got one whole heart. Cutting up the beefheart took a while to get used to,though. Kind of messy. The recipe is very easy to follow. Give it a try.

I stopped entries into this journal since the site crashed in October. A lot of things happened in the fishroom since my last entry: Thanks to DJ at "A Discus Delight" I'm now back into the Discus hobby with 9 beautifull fish out of his hatchery. I got them at about 2-3" and they're growing at a good rate. I finally broke down and bought a R/O Unit from Mike Chappell at Three Guys aquatics. I'm very satisfied with his product/ prices and service. I switched all of my Dwarf cichlids to a 60/40 Tap- R/O mix .
They thanked me with recent spawns. I'm very happy that my yawning viejita photo won two first places at the OCA and TFCEC (see home page for more Info). One of my Apisto tanks won 2nd place in this years AGA Showcase and contest in the Natural /Biotope Aquaria category.
It's been a great year except for this sites crash. I'm in contact with a new webhost and hope to launch the new site soon. 09/19/01
I received Big Johns shipment of beautifull Apistos. The trio of hongslois turned out to be a reverse trio. It didn't take them long to get down to businness:). I found out today that the female is guarding a school of fry around their tank. My first attempt of breeding Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is still doing great.
I removed the female after she was attacked by the male every time she got close to the wigglers. The male guards the wigglers in a pit in the back of the tank. I can't wait to see the male swim around with a school of fry. My A. resticilusosa surprised me with more youngens. I keep them in my heavy planted 75g SA community tank. The plants in this tanks offer enough cover for newborn fry. Of course some get eaten but there are always enough survivors. 08/23/01 No luck with A.sp."Rio Marmore".I left mom with her fry in the tank with one other female. The mom was very protective/aggressive and didn't lose a single fry the whole time. Then one morning she abandond her fry and they were eaten by the other female .I learned that lesson.

I have one female with eggs alone in a 10g. I hope to get a better result next time.
At least i got some decent photos of mom and fry. The ever expanding fishroom expects the following species soon: A.aggassizii "Red Gold" A.hongsloi A.panduro Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi I thank "Big" John Wubbolt for sending me his fish.
I can't wait to unpack them.I need more tanks soon, aagghh. We're running out of room.

My A.sp."Rio Marmore" finally started to breed. At least one female is guarding wigglers. If only the aggassizi's would get it on.

Yours truly participated in DaH's 2001 international photo contest. One of my two entries won third place. Check out the entries and winners at:

The fry development album is almost finnished. The juvenile A.cacatuoides are over a month old now and have most of their adult features developed. I'll continue posting pictures until they are about two month old. Our cacatuoides were busy again and all females guarding large schools of fry in the breeding tank.

I made my first cover .The Apisto-Gram issue # 69 features one of my A.nijsseni pictures. The picture is accompanied by a nijsseni breeding article that my wife Lois and I wrote. Apisto-Gram issue # 70 features our little DIY fishtrap article. We thank the ASG and Jeff Magnus for publishing our work in this great publication.

TDA's Eric Martina and I traded some of our Apistogrammas. Eric send me 7 beautiful A.bitaeniata juvenile and 3 of his A.sp."Papagei" fry. I will post albums for those newcomers soon. I thank Eric for trading with me. 06/11/01 TFH's Randy Carey and I co-wrote an article about digital aquarium photography for Germany's Datz Magazine. This project took a few month to research, photo taking and writing. We just send it out the middle of last month in the hopes that Datz will like our work .I'll post a abreviated version of the article here after it has been published.

A very happy week for me ( warning not fish related): I won my favorite Golf tournament at my Golf club by breaking 80 the first time in this event. My wife Lois graduated from college this weekend. Now we'll have more time together for our hobbies. I'm glad that she's finally done with College.

I bought another 20g long tank for my always expanding fishroom. I'm planning on a little article for this website: How to prepare this tank as a phototank and to make the inhabitants feel happy in it too.

We received a copy of Datz magazines May issue. My article "Amazonas-Urwald im National-Aquarium" turned out great. Almost all the pictures that were send in have been used.
The article spreads over four pages. I'm very satisfied with what Datz did with it. The next article is almost finished. I got all my photo work and the writing done and expecting the remaining parts from my co AuthorTFH's Randy Carey soon. I was glued to the Apistogramma trifasciata tank this morning, taking pictures. I noticed that the female behaved a little bit different today. I found a bunch of cherry red eggs by peeking into one of her hideouts with a flashlight.
I'm debating about steeling the eggs.I probably let her tend to them and wait until I get fry and steel half of them from her to continue the line. Pictures of the female and her eggs are up in the Galleria section now.



I sat in front of my 75g tank this morning , drinking my first cup of Java. I started to take some pictures when I noticed some movement in the back. There was a cloud of fry arround my female. It looks like the fry are about a week old.
I didn't pay much attention to this tank lately. I'm still very excited about my new aggie and trifasciata pair,my wife has to pull me away from their tanks all the time. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope my new batch BBS hatched today .

I traded a few of my A.viejita II in at a LFS for a pair of each of the following Apisto species: A.agassizii, A.trifasciata and A.nijsseni (I needed a nijsseni female, since my female turned out to be a sneaker male). Pictures of all these new arrivals are up in the Galleria section. I still have some beautiful viejita II males and one or two females left. Please e-mail me if you are intersted in purchasing some or trade for other interesting Apistos or Discus:

I've found a trio of a Apisto species I always wanted to keep this weekend: A.steindachneri. I'll have pix up soon.I hope my ID will be right. They were sold as A.ortmanni. According to Roemer ortmanni is also a old trade name for steindachneri. My juvenile fish look more like A.steindachneri then the A.ortmanni in Uwe's book. I finnished uploading the rest of the NAIB pix. The Barnes and Noble Bookstore near the Aquarium has a 3000g SA planted tank on the upper store level. This tank was done by curators of the NAIB and is maintained by their staff. Sorry for the bad quality of some pix. We're planning another trip to the NAIB soon to see the new Seahorse exhibit that started Saturday. I'll take my new Camera with me and try to get better quality photos.
Eric Matina posted some great pictures of his A.sp "Breitbinden" in the Guest DC album, check them out as well while you're browsing the side.

I'm still working on adding pictures to the galleria part. I'm trying to get all the species in albhabetical order. It looks like Mr.Gates won't allow me to do this. I'll keep trying. I apologize for the unorganized mess in the Galleria. My Apistogramma sp."Rio Marmore"juveniles (the ones in the Galleria pix) were pretty busy this weekend .I found some eggs Sunday morning. Unfortunately the eggs were gone yesterday. I don't know if the female moved them or made lunch out of them.I bought six 1" juveniles three weeks ago and I'm not sure if I got at least one male either. On a sad note: We lost my wifes favorite Discus "Murphy" on Saint Paddy's Day.
He was stunned from the time we got him and stopped growing at around 3". I learned the hard way to always pick the biggest and best looking fish out of the bunch.

I'm very happy to announce the publishing of my article "Amazonas-Urwald im National-Aquarium" in Germany's DATZ magazine May 2001 issue .
This article is about the new permanent Amazon exhibit in the National Aquarium in Baltimore(NAIB): "Amazon River Forest, The Aquarium's newest permanent exhibit recreates a section of a blackwater Amazon River tributary and the forest that it seasonally floods. Along a 57 foot long acrylic wall, visitors can see schools of dazzling tropical fish as well as giant river turtles, dwarf caimans, caiman lizards, pygmy marmosets--the smallest species of monkey in the world--and a giant anaconda. Interactive computer stations explain the ecology of this unique rainforest habitat and how human activities can protect or damage it." Reference:National Aquarium in Baltimore official Website Pictures for this article were taken with my old trusty Leica R4 SLR camera on slide film. I tried to use a Nikon CP 800 for the pictures first, unfortunately the images taken with the CP 800 were not of publishing quality. Check some of them out in the Galleria.